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Carbon Done Right plants rainforest on degraded smallholder farms and has built a world-leading carbon quantification platform that provides unprecedented insights into forest change and carbon capture at the individual tree level, providing our buyers extraordinary levels of trust and traceability through our dashboard.

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A Management Team with Proven Carbon Offset Experience.
Successful track record in developing premium-grade carbon credits both within Carbon Done Right and in previous projects over the last 18 years, implementing impactful tree planting programs and executed forest and mangrove protection initiatives.

Our Portfolio of conservation and restoration carbon credit projects.

We have developed an existing portfolio of projects covering over 100,000 ha of land across Sierra Leone, Suriname, Yucatan and Guyana, which has the potential to generate over 45 MM t CO2e of carbon credits. To date, we have invested over $9 million in the development of these projects and to secure land and carbon credit title.

Innovative Remote Sensing Technology.

We own proprietary remote sensing and monitoring technology, which represents a significant advancement in the precision, traceability, and accountability of our carbon credit generation process.

Operational Experience in Africa and Latin America.

Our management team has over two decades of operational experience in West Africa. We also have seven years of operational experience in Latin America and 15 years of experience in international carbon project development.

Strategic Partnership with BP:

In August 2023, we entered into a pre-purchase agreement with BP Carbon Trading Ltd, part of the BP plc group, whereby BP Carbon Trading acquired the right to invest into the first 5,000 hectares of native species restoration on degraded smallholder land in Sierra Leone and a right of first offer to invest in the next 20,000 hectares of restoration.

Carbon Quantification System (CQS).

We have acquired the exclusive rights to the Carbon Quantification System (CQS), which has been developed to efficiently quantify, monitor, and manage payments for CO2e sequestration projects at a granular level to allow us to monitor accurately tree biomass down to the individual tree level without the need for labour-intensive ground measurement campaigns.

Global Recognition for Sustainability.

We have gained international recognition at events such as COP28 for our sustainable practices, which reflects our unwavering commitment to responsible business. Our initiatives go beyond regulatory compliance, incorporating equitable benefit-sharing mechanisms for smallholders and communities.