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With over 90% of farmland owned by farmers with less than five hectares of land in most developing countries, and around 68% of the world’s carbon potentially sequestered within these farms, we believe it is crucial to involve these farmers and their communities to fully achieve national climate targets. 

Together with leading universities and scientists, we have developed a unique methodology for the automated mapping and recording of biomass and carbon stock at the national and individual tree level, using our powerful, proprietary Artificial Intelligence modelling techniques.

This innovative approach delivers accurate carbon measurement from the individual tree level all the way to smallholdings and even national level monitoring. This means that even the smallest farm with just a few trees can be included in data, providing a more accurate and comprehensive assessment of carbon capture in real time.

We believe this process enables effective management of greenhouse gas emissions, conservation, and sustainable development, and through our carbon offsetting business model, including revenue sharing with national governments, provides the best opportunity for effective carbon management while also delivering value and opportunity to those small landowners.

Our goal is to secure the best possible price for the carbon credits offered by this carbon capture process and ensure that the majority of that revenue goes directly to the smallholders themselves, with governments being given access to our systems and technologies free of charge. Through our technology and expertise, we are able to accurately quantify and monetise carbon credits generated through forest conservation and reforestation efforts.

As part of our commitment to the environment, we understand the importance of allowing government access to our methodology to drive its own sustainability initiatives. This is provided free of charge for their climate action projects, allowing our government partners to conduct independent carbon stock assessments and effectively manage and accurately monitor progress and impacts from conservation projects at national scale on a regular basis. 

In addition, the national government will have total visibility into carbon credits generated and sold within the country if the technology is fully adopted.

By partnering with Carbon Done Right, national governments will benefit from:

We believe that by combining our expertise and resources, we can make significant strides towards mitigating climate change while promoting an inclusive economic growth and sustainable development. 

We are eager to discuss the details of our proposal and explore how we can best align our efforts to achieve our shared goals.