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Consumers globally are concerned about climate change and want to see companies take action on a much larger scale. Focusing on Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), the trend towards insetting carbon costs into price is likely to drive demand for high quality credits. The core function of the CQS technology is to provide transparent, equitable and secure visibility into the process of generating carbon credits from tropical land restoration and conservation. The Company believes this unprecedented level of transparency will provide the foundation for an expanded market for credits.

Just as consumers want to see the labeling of fat, sugar and calories, they want to see the total carbon footprint of products, they also want to understand what the brand and manufacturer is doing to mitigate climate change through meaningful and measurably traceable reforestation and restoration activities. Carbon Done Right does this all the way across the value chain.

The sales team will use the CQS technology to be able to align the company with brands that want to do good, and show the quantitative analysis of the carbon footprints across their product portfolio, openly and transparently to the consumers who will already be asking these questions. This of course will mean a substantial premium to both Carbon Done Right and also the small hold of farmers with which we corporate.

The food and clothing industry are big emitters, clothing alone is 10% of the total global emissions. Emissions from the fashion industry is 1.2bn tonnes of CO2e per year and Food and FMCG is 18bn tonnes of CO2e per year. 

Our core target is generational owned highly sustainable and customer conscious brands. They have all expressed high level interest in insetting their supply chains alongside concurrent emission reduction activities.  

In the short term, opportunities to reduce these emissions are limited and therefore companies that have committed to net zero will have to purchase carbon credits for the majority of their emissions.