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Why Join Carbon Done Right

Carbon Done right is the world’s most traceable and tech enabled smallholder farmer carbon platform.
We empower the little guy, utilizing unique methodologies, powerful proprietary AI modelling, and the latest technologies.
Retiring the credits directly to the end user, in one integrated arc. We are Carbon Done right.

The Problem

Climate policy failure

Has created a critical need for the annual abatement of billions of tonnes of carbon emissions.

Smallholder farmers lack tools and access

The little guy suffers, they are asked to protect what they have, to not deforest, to plant more trees, whilst the West continues to burn hydrocarbons. Yet no one has found a way to empower them, to earn the most they can for fulfilling this task and ensure the carbon credits are priced properly with most of the revenue going directly to them. Until now.

No one wants to deal with smallholders

Despite holding more than 2/3 of the world’s nature-based carbon assets, smallholders get ignored in favour of large conservation projects that are easier to manage. No one wants 100,000 smallholder farmers to manage, right? Well, we do.

The Solution

High impact climate projects you can trust

Mistrust in carbon markets means a higher consumer standard is necessary. Carbon Done Right stands for transparency, fairness, and technology-enabled measurement and verification of carbon credits and their claims.

A powerful toolkit for action

Carbon Done Right is our easy-to-use platform that gives individuals, families, and employees direct access to high-impact climate projects to offset their carbon footprint. Real impact at your fingertips.

Putting smallholder farmers first

Carbon Done Right is all about smallholders. 80% of our revenues go directly to funding smallholder climate projects, whether through purchasing Carbon Done Right credits directly or planting trees.

Why do smallholders matter?

Over 90% of farmland in developing nations is owned by farmers with less than five hectares of land. Put simply, climate targets cannot be realised without the participation of these farmers and their communities.

Using technology to unlock smallholder potential


Carbon has a bad reputation; large companies and governments often make the process difficult, and the little guy gets very little of the income generated. On average in Africa, farmers get as little as $4 per tonne of carbon sequestered; we aim to change this with our proprietary NEPAD methodology.

Methodologies for quantifying project benefits are a key component of all Verra-certified carbon credits. All methodologies undergo a rigorous review and transparent stakeholder consultation process to ensure they meet the rules and requirements of each programme.

Furthermore, ours is designed with the little guy in mind. We call this Carbon Done Right.

We have developed our own proprietary machine learning tools in partnership with the University of Copenhagen to count every individual tree on our projects and measure every kilogram of carbon sequestered through our associated projects. Carbon Done Right TM is an integrated smallholder end-to-end business with proprietary access to TREE Counter ™.


We use state-of-the art machine learning models developed by us and Copenhagen University (you can read about it in the Nature Journal here) These models, when incorporating the latest satellite data, allow us to build the most accurate picture of forest and carbon cover ever. We can see down to 10cm on the ground, and with daily satellite passes, watch the trees grow. We can measure carbon in kilogrammes, not tonnes. We know if they are cut down or are growing. Meaning you can be sure in the trust of Carbon Done Right.

Monitoring, Validation, and Monetisation 

Because our data is so unique and trustworthy, and because we have been on the ground in developing nations for over 20 years, we know that by creating nature-based carbon credits, we can use technology to monitor and validate them with drones and unique equipment provided by Bext360. We can place a real, fair market value on a carbon credit and ensure 80% of that value goes to the farmer, cutting out the parasitic middlemen and creating a fair, transparent, and vertically integrated Carbon Done Right.