Carbon Done Right

We are restoring forests
on degraded land.

No matter how much we decarbonize and reduce emissions, we still face a global biodiversity crisis. Using a proprietary technology system called CQS™ that provides unprecedented insights into forest change and carbon capture at the individual tree level, we are planting enriched and diverse native species on degraded smallholder lands. Both mangrove and terrestrial. This approach generates meaningful revenue for smallholder farmers while rebuilding ecosystems.

Three Pillars of Carbon Done Right

We plant rainforests on degraded farms, and rewilding ecosystems with indigenous trees. We rarely use chemicals, and protect soils and wildlife where we plant. We care deeply about the environment.

We connect smallholder farmers with technology that ensures the value we create from the sales of carbon credits is shared fairly with land owning families. We ensure the farmers get paid quickly using automated payment tools and with blockchain traceability software that trades the credits on our own Trading Exchange for a premium.

We are tech enabled, tracking each tree we plant and our farmers from space, using tree level proprietary AI models that monitors the health of each tree and accurately tracks carbon sequestration data for our farmers and our customers.

Project Developers

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How Carbon Done Right makes a difference

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At Carbon Done Right, we are driven by an unwavering commitment to a greener planet and a sustainable future without leaving anyone behind, especially the smallholder farmers with a few trees on their farms. We endeavour to become the world’s most traceable and tech-enabled smallholder farmer carbon platform. Through the power of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology, we are at the forefront of revolutionizing the way we measure, track, trace, monitor, monetize and verify carbon sequestration and trade carbon credits from crucial initiatives such as tree planting, forestation, afforestation, reforestation, and conservation projects.

Our Vision

Imagine a world where every tree planted, every unit of land preserved, and all smallholder farmer’s efforts contribute significantly to combating climate change and is fairly recognised and rewarded. That’s the world we envision and are actively working towards. At Carbon Done Right, our vision is to seamlessly connect the dots between nature-based solutions and carbon offsetting, ensuring that every positive action taken for the environment is accurately accounted for and rewarded fairly and directly between the buyer and credits owner.

Revolutionizing carbon benefits assessment and monitoring

Our platform harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to transform the carbon monitoring landscape. We blend data analytics based on advanced satellite imaging and remote sensing, and AI technology, to provide unparalleled accuracy in tracking carbon sequestration and emissions reduction from the level of individual trees to national and continental scales. This not only provides transparency but also instils confidence in the effectiveness of carbon offset initiatives.

Empowering smallholder farmers

In developing countries, smallholder farmers often account for over 90% of the countries farming population. However, given the small size of their lands, they’ve been often left behind by the current carbon accounting programmes, although they are the backbone of land use and climate change mitigation efforts in these countries. Carbon Done Right is dedicated to empowering these farmers by equipping them with the tools and knowledge they need to participate in carbon offset programs seamlessly. Our platform offers user-friendly interfaces, near real-time data insights, and educational resources, ensuring that smallholder farmers are able to maximize their impact on both the environment and additional carbon-based income for their livelihoods.

Benefits for all Stakeholders

Our platform offers a wide array of benefits for various stakeholders:

Smallholder farmers

Project developers


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At Carbon Done Right, we are a movement towards a more sustainable planet. Join us in reshaping the future of carbon and nature-based solutions, where technology meets ecology, and every positive action counts. Together, we can ensure that carbon is done right. Sign up today.