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Carbon Done Right is the world’s first truly smallholder farmer 

Carbon Done Right is the world’s first truly smallholder farmer focused total solution carbon platform. With over 90% of farmland owned by farmers with less than five hectares of land in most of developing countries, and around 68% of the world’s carbon being sequestered within these farms, we believe it is crucial to involve these farmers and their communities to fully achieve national climate targets.

With collaboration with world class universities and scientists, we have developed our unique methodologies, powerful proprietary Artificial Intelligence modelling techniques using the latest cutting-edge technologies, to automate the mapping and inventory of biomass and carbon stock at individual tree level. Our innovative approach allows for accurate and comprehensive carbon measurement, starting from individual trees, bringing a unique opportunity to include carbon benefits of smallholder farmers owning very few individual trees.

We believe this methodology can significantly contribute to an inclusive and comprehensive efforts towards effective management of greenhouse gas emissions, conservation efforts, and sustainable development.

The core feature of our business model is a revenue sharing mechanism between our company and the national government, while securing the highest benefits for smallholder farmers owning land and trees.

We aim at securing the best possible price for these credits and ensure that 80% of their value goes directly to the smallholders themselves, while the government is offered to use our methodologies and technologies free of charge. By leveraging our technology and expertise, we can accurately quantify and monetise carbon credits generated through forest conservation and reforestation efforts.

We propose that a portion of the revenue generated from the sale of these carbon credits be shared with the national government, allowing for a mutually beneficial partnership. Furthermore, we understand the importance of enabling the national government to utilize our methodology to drive its own sustainability initiatives.

Hence, we offer our technology and expertise to the national government free of charge for their climate action projects, allowing you to conduct independent carbon stock assessments and effectively manage and accurately monitor progress and impacts from conservation projects at national scale on a regular basis.

By partnering with Carbon Done Right, the national government will benefit from

We believe that by combining our expertise and resources, we can make significant strides towards mitigating climate change while promoting an inclusive economic growth and sustainable development.

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